About Us

So you are finally here!

We're a bunch of people who cannot sit in a chair for more than a hour. Lucky, we don't have to. It's either our traveller-clients ready to take an tuk-tuk ride with us through the sprawling markets of Chandni Chowk or our team going about the city recording stories and creating what we do best – experiences.

We acknowledge your arrival. Journeys with Trocals are events that stay in your spirit. Once you say Namaste, you become more than a visitor here. Our cities are not just structures; they are the living legacy of our forefathers - the culmination of history itself. We present to you the handmade itineraries curated by our team of travel enthusiasts. We will guide you through with what to pack.
At Trocals,we navigate hassle-free.
Speak to our CEO. He's all ears all the time.

A Word From Our Founder

To have history running through your veins and be able to witness the unwavering sweetness in the local dialects is truly a blessing. With us, our stories become yours to embrace. Come as you are, we will take you places.

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