An enchanting invitation to visit the heart of India!!

Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey that will transport you through the rich culture and time of India’s iconic places. An escapade through India’s rich tapestry of culture, history, and traditionality converge. We offer you your ultimate ticket to explore and embrace the heart and soul of India. From the historical grandeur with modern dynamism of the capital of India, Delhi, to the Iconic Taj Mahal’s home, Agra, a city that whispers the tales of love; Even the pink city, Jaipur that stands for the symphony of royal elegance and vibrant tradition; we invite you to accept your adventurous wandering through these captivating cities. We offer a tapestry of unique tours such as walking tours, Street Food tours, Yoga classes near the Taj Mahal tour, and art-making tours through these irresistible destinations. These cities are not just any places; they are cryptic stories waiting to be told; Let us dig into their vibrant streets, rich history, and cultural treasures one remarkable destination at a time. Come, Immerse yourself in these exquisite destination’s stories, flavors, and colors, and let the never experience and exciting adventure begin. 


Discover, Explore, and Enchant!!


We at Trocals propose a never-seen-before view of these destinations. We make sure you take home a bag full of stories. Once you say Namaste, you become more than a visitor here.


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