Local Traveler

  • Local Travelers are native ardent tourers, who know the city in and out.
  • Travel with them and Experience the city in the truest sense.
  • Visit places and hear the most ridiculously funny tales and memories related to them.
  • Traveling with a localite will give you all of that, the opportunity to live like a native of that city for a day or two.


  • Professional guides will be called "Sarthi"
  • Hand picked best certified guides.
  • Years of experience
  • Certified tourist Guides can help you jaunt about the most attractive and famed sites of the town.
  • They have great knowledge about the history of the place with some really extra-ordinary, but lesser known facts about the places you have visited.

Food walks

  • Every city has a story of its own! If not for its roads, its food adduces the same to people who visit it!
  • We have some amazing proficient chefs and food bloggers with us on board for our "food is my bae" kind of travellers!
  • Well Joey might not share his Food, but we do and  share some amazing stories about it. To know them, book a food experience for yourself today!

To travel is to live..                         - Hans Christian Anderson

We help you pursue your wanderlust and make the most of your experience. The best tour guides and people to travel with. Explore the city in a totally different manner. Grab all the important information that you need at one place. Trocals is not just a company which provides you a tour of the city but its an experience of a lifetime. It's not just a tour that you will enjoy but it's an opportunity to see the city from the eyes of its residents and learn the unknown. the under-rated best places to feel the true essence of the city.



If you are ready to make some memories then hop on board!

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