5 Most Beautiful Islands in India

Beautiful Islands in India

Are you looking for a Hawaiian vacation in India? Your search ends here! We have made a list of beautiful islands in India with the most picturesque beaches and serene environments.

India has one of the most exotic and tropical destinations in the world. It is home to many geological topologies. You can find all sorts of places in this one country, from ancient monuments to contemporary art and architecture. Being a sub-continent, it has a long coastline and many clusters of islands nestled in the deep sea.

1. Trailing Around Majuli Island – The World’s Largest River Island

Majuli is one of the largest river islands in the world. It is home to many tribes including the Musings, the Deoris, and the Sonowal Kacharis. It is popularly known as ‘the cultural capital and the cradle of Assamese civilization.

If you want to spend go for a vacation that will offer you tranquillity and cultural diversity, Majuli Islands offers the best. You can rejuvenate in its quiet and rustic living, charming countryside landscapes, and warm hospitality. Majuli is a fast disappearing destination, because of heavy floods and soil erosion. So if you plan a trip, plan it soon!

Majuli Islands are known as the embodiment of solitude and peace.

Best Time to Visit: Between October and March

Main Attractions: Satra

Where to Stay: La Maison de Ananda

2. Get rooted to the spot at Goa’s Divar Island

Whenever we think of Goa, it goes synonymous with ‘booze’ and ‘beaches’. But there is also a flip side to this fun-filled Goa. A serene, calm, quiet, and most importantly non-commercialized side of Goa. You can experience this at Divar Islands.

Divar Island is a piece of land quite close to Goa, yet very distant from its traditions and culture. You can visit many ancient temples and churches from the Portuguese era here. Due to its compatible space, you can explore the island on a two-wheeler. You can go on a bicycle island tour as well.

Best Time to Visit: You can visit all year round

Main Attractions: Piedade, Sao Matia and Naroa

Where to Stay: Casa dos Silveiras

3. Karnataka’s Unexplored cluster at St Mary’s Island

St Mary’s is a cluster of 4 islands offshore of Karnataka. These islands are of great geological value for their basaltic hexagonal rock formations. All clusters are big rock columns that resemble a lot of Giant’s Causeway in Ireland.

The four largest islands are named Coconut Island, South Island, North Island, and Daryabahadurgarh Island. All of the above do not have any sandy beaches. Although you can trek across the whole island in under 90 minutes. You will find a huge variety of seashells and get mesmerized by the aesthetics of these rocky beaches.

Since the whole island is a rock formation, there are no accommodation facilities available here. You will have to book a hotel in Malpe or Udupi.

Best Time to Visit: Between December and January

Main Attractions: Vadabhandeshwara temple

Where to Stay: You can hotels in Udupi or Malpe

4. Stroll around the Gleaming Beaches of Kadmat Island

Kadmat Island is a part of the Lakshadweep archipelago. The scenic coral island with sun-kissed beaches, cyanic lagoon, and vibrant coral reefs, Kadmat islands is the best destination. Furthermore, this place also offers activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

The only inhabited place on this island is Kadmat beach, which is a popular nesting spot for marine turtles.

Best Time to Visit: Between October and May

Main Attractions: Kadmat Beach, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, Kayaking

Where to Stay: kadmat Island Beach Resort

5. The Clear as a Whistles Havelock Islands of Andaman

Havelock Island is an emerald paradise amidst clear blue waters. When you mention Andaman as a travel destination, Havelock island is automatically a must-visit. Named after British General Henry Havelock, Havelock offers a lot of benefits for travelers and tourists. The pretty cafés, shacks, and vintage houses give you a very village feeling with the connection contemporary.

This island is devoid of any phone connectivity or internet. It takes you on a journey to the old way of life. Even the resorts at Havelock do not offer any internet. The main goal of this place is to let you connect to yourself. This experience will rejuvenate you enough.

Once you visit the Havelock islands you will be so mesmerized by the beauty, you will want to go back!

Best Time to Visit: Between October and April

Main Attractions: Radhanagar beach

Where to Stay: Tango Beach Resort

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