5 Best Khau Gallis in Mumbai for all foodies!

Best Khau Gallis in Mumbai

The Best Khau Gallis in Mumbai for all foodies!

A heaven for food lovers, Mumbai’s famous Khau Gallis (literal translation – eating lanes) pack in some tantalizing street treats, serving up a potpourri of cuisines and historic influences. We bring you a list of the best Khau Gallis around Mumbai that is still synonyms with the culture of the city. These delicious street grubs are situated at every nook and corner of Mumbai.

The best part about Mumbai’s Khau Gallis is that you can find any cuisine here. From Missal Pav to Parantha, Wok-prepared Chinese dishes to Mughlai cuisine – these Khau Gallis of Mumbai will indeed send you into a food coma. The best part of these Khau Gallis is that all of them are easy on your pocket!

To make your search easier, we have listed the best Kahu Gallis in Mumbai below:


1. Carter Road Khau Galli

Carter’s Road is Mumbai’s best Khau Galli. Located by the sea breezy corner of Bandra, it is packed with famous food joints and small eateries. You can find any type of cuisine on this street, as it offers the best culinary delights. You can find momos, falafel, wok-fried Chinese delights, and even corn on a cob. Not only does it have a fusion of spicy and hot cuisines, but it also offers you delicious delicacies for your sweet tooth. You can relish scoops of frozen yogurt, sweet cupcakes, and freshly made waffles for dessert.

Must-Try: Falafel Shawarma and Malai Chicken Tikka at Carter’s Blue

2. SNDT to Cross Maidan Khau Galli

You can find many students and office workers lured to the khau Galli that runs from SNDT College to Cross Maidan. Its close proximity to Churchgate station makes it the perfect evening spot for the hustling students and the worked-out co-workers. This is the perfect Khau Galli to quench your mid-travel famishes. You can find everything from hot and spicy Chinese cuisines to sweet and cold ice cream shakes on this street.

Must-Try: Pav Bhaji at Lenin Pav Bhaji Centre

3. Ghatkopar Khau galli

Ghatkopar’s Kahu Galli is one of the oldest and most famous street food locations around Mumbai. Mist of the Khau Gallis around Mumbai is meat-based dishes, which can throw off many veggies. But not here! You will find the best quality and mind-boggling vegetarian cuisine combinations, which will leave you mesmerized. You can find everything from traditional Indian delicacies to fusion feasts like pasta dosa, dhokla chaat, and many more.

Must-Try: Pink Sauce Pasta at WTC Pasta

4. Mohammad Ali Road Khau Galli

Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai is known for its street food lanes, along with other foodie items during the month of Ramazan. There are plenty of people who believe that your Ramadan journey will remain incomplete without the delicacies from Mohammed Ali Road. This street is named after the Indian Muslim scholar Mohammed Ali Jouhar gets very crowded and alluring with aromas of roasting meat, sweet dishes, and more.

Must-Try: Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala’s Malpua with Rabdi

5. Zaveri Bazar Khau Galli

Finding some hidden gems around your city is the best expedition of all. And it becomes especially fun when there is food involved. If you are bored with the usual list of Khau Gallis around Mumbai, Zaveri Bazar is where your search ends. Although Zaveri Bazar is known for its jewels, the bustling Khau Galli is as well known as the bazaar. You can find some traditional and exclusive dishes that are loved and adored y the locals here.

Must-Try: Mohanbhai Pudlawala’s cheese tomato bread pudla and Jain Chappan Masala’s Chappan blog.

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