TOP 10 Most Beautiful Villages in India that You Must Visit in 2022

most beautiful villages in india

According to the 2011 census, 68.9% of the Indian population lives in more than half-a-million different villages.

And you know why you visit a country. To see picturesque sights, to indulge in a new culture, and above all, to know the people of that country, isn’t it?

In the case of India, you need to know that the true India resides in its villages. Being in rural India, you kill two birds with the same stone: you can discover the culture and also get exposed to the Indians.

And if there is any thought in your mind that villages in India will not offer you great sightseeing, we are here to prove you wrong.

In today’s article, we are offering you a list of the 10 most beautiful villages in India, where you can take a trip and not just make your India tour fun, but a memorable one.

1. Kibber Village, Himachal Pradesh

Kibber village

Sitting at the elevation of 14,000 ft in the Spiti Valley in the great Himalayas, Kibber holds the status of the highest village in the world with road connectivity.

Also known as Kyibar, this village in Himachal Pradesh has not more than eighty houses, and the vegetation is scant. 

But what’s fascinating about Kibber is that all houses are made of stones, not a single use of bricks, and though the plants are scarce but have high medicinal value in Ayurveda.

You will praise the mountains in the backdrop of the village and the barren land surrounding the stony houses, but Kibber is also renowned for its monasteries.

Spiti valley hosts numerous of them, but you should choose to discover Key Monastery, which is not very far from Kibber.

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2. Idukki Village, Kerala

Idukki village

Idukki village is a must-visit for those travelers or tourists who love heights. At the peak of the Western Ghats, Idukki is located.

If you visit here once, you will find excuses to make another trip to Idukki. But, what’s special about it? First, the elevation and then the beauty of mother nature.

Vegetative forests, pristine lakes, and spectacular waterfalls make it one of the most beautiful villages in India.

3. Lamayouro Village, Ladakh

Lamayuru village

Lamayouro or Lamayuru is located in the Leh district of the union territory of Ladakh.

If you want to know what the soil on the moon looks like, head to this village as it is believed that the soil here in the mountains and on the plains resembles very much that on the moon. And that’s the reason why this region is also called ‘Moon Land.’

Definitely the title above is enough to adorn Lamayuru as one of the most beautiful villages in India.

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4. Nako Village, Himachal Pradesh

Nako village

The namesake of Nako Lake, which borders the village, Nako, is a rural area that is situated beside the Indo-China Border.

You get to see the mountains of the Himalayas covering themselves with the blanket of snow, the untouched lakes, and the soothing greenery, which is enough to make you stay here forever.

Other than absorbing the beauty of Nako, you can ski here in winters and ride the boats in the summers. Monasteries are always open to teach you the undefined.

5. Majuli, Assam


In the Brahmaputra river, there is an island called Majuli. It is not your regular river island; Majuli is the largest river island in the world.

In the 20th century, it had an area of more than 1200 km², but now after continuous erosion, it has decreased to less than 400 as of 2014.

The only way to reach Majuli is by ferry from Jorhat.

6. Poovar Village, Kerala

Poovar Village

Poovar is located in the southernmost part of the southernmost district of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. It is not more than 30 km from the district.

Poovar often does not get a chance to be a part of tourists’ itineraries. But that doesn’t mean that it is not worth a visit.

Take a ride in the backwaters and don’t forget to take blessings from the popular temple of Sree Bhadrakali Devi.

7. Malana Village, Himachal Pradesh

Malana Village

If you are curious to know what isolation from the whole world seems like, then Malana eases your process to find such a place.

Malana village is situated in a side valley, known as Malana Nala, of Parvati valley. Residents of the village speak a dialect that no outsider understands. 

Because of its ancient and solitary past, Malana is considered the first democracy in the whole world.

Explore yourself in the silences of the surroundings and if not this, then the lush forests and plants are always there to refresh your soul from within.

8. Landour Village, Uttarakhand

Landour village

Not very far from the state capital of Uttarakhand lies Landour, a village that was once a cantonment town.

Because of that British influence, you will find that the architecture here in Landour is so-colonial. And that’s one of the attractions of this village. Others are the elevated points that provide panoramic views of the Himalayas.

If you are a fiction reader, then definitely you have heard of the author Ruskin Bond; Landour is his hometown.

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9. Zuluk Village, Sikkim

Zuluk village

Zuluk is situated along the old silk route and is the only place to offer accommodation to the people traveling on the silk route.

Other than Nag Temple, a Hindu temple, Zuluk does not have any tourist attractions, but still, it is an emerging spot and the reason is the snake-like itinerary that you need to take to get there and the heart-pleasing view of sunrise.

You can take part in a conversation about Dzuluk, Jhuluk, or Jaluk wherever it occurs, as they would be talking about the same village we discussed above i.e. Zuluk.

10. Pragpur Village, Himachal Pradesh

Pragpur village

As we conclude our list of villages in India, we come to Pragpur, a village in Kangra valley. 

Who doesn’t want to give a visit to the first heritage village of India? Yes, Pragpur received this title from the government of Himachal Pradesh in 1997.

What makes Pragpur gain the title of the first Indian heritage village? Well, every molecule of it. But, to be precise the mansions of the Sood community, serais, temples, and other opulent architecture and artwork.

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