Handicrafts in Agra: Exploring Taj Mahal’s Artistic Treasures

Agra Handicraft walking tour

The Taj Mahal and Agra’s outstanding cultural legacy have long been associated with each other. Agra is not only home to these historical monuments, but it is also a shoppers’ paradise, with a variety of lively markets and bazaars that meet the requirements of both locals and visitors in terms of shopping. If you’re looking for the best handicraft shops in Agra, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll look at the ten most well-known shopping areas in Agra and provide you the addresses, hours, and top products to buy at each store.

Taj Mahal refers to “Crown of Palaces.” The Taj Mahal is a monument made of white marble that may be found in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.

One of the internationally loved works of art in the world heritage, the Taj Mahal is often regarded as the crowning achievement of Muslim art workshop tour and architecture in India. Numerous types of handicrafts developed in Agra as a result of the aesthetic nature and love of art shared by the majority of these monarchs. The Agra Handicraft walking tour is known for its calligraphy, textiles, paintings, carpet weaving, marble handicraft, Agra piece art, and zardozi (embroidery). 

Complex of U.P. Handicrafts Agra

 This sizable shop offers a sizable selection of handicrafts like Marble Inlay items, Agra textiles, and leather goods and is located adjacent to the Hotel Amar on Fatehabad Road in Agra.


Agra Handicrafts Gallery

This shop, which is situated in the Jasoria Enclave on Fatehabad Road in Agra, displays for you some of the city’s most well-known Agra handicrafts industries, such as needle-worked embroidery. Upon your arrival, they will show you how to make embroidery work with a needle. They will walk you through the embroidery process when you arrive.

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Raman Exports

This wholesale and retail establishment is adjacent to the Taj Mahal and is situated on Fatehabad Road, directly across from the Hotel Howard Fern. It sells exquisitely crafted marble objects, wool carpets, brassware, and wooden objects.

India Fab

 On Fatehabad Road, directly across from the office of one of the best tour companies in Agra, S.A.M Tours and Travels, is a new boutique store. You can purchase textile products manufactured with traditional methods and skills, particularly ladies’ and men’s clothing.

Handicrafts Store

On Fatehabad Road in Agra, this store is adjacent to the Pind Baluchi Restaurants. They deal in marble products such as tabletop, coffee tables, coasters, statues, etc. on a wholesale and retail level. In addition to this, they also sell other well-known Agra things like embroidery fabrics etc.

Cottage Industries Exposition

This business, located across from the Agra commissioner’s office, is approximately three decades old. This is located in an ancient British Tales heritage building on a high peak. With its extensive setup, this cottage business offers a wide range of regional handicrafts, Kashmiri rugs, and pashmina.

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The Kalakriti Emporium

The largest retailer of distinctive marble products, rugs, needlework, jewellery, and fabrics in Agra is located here. They have several areas, and if you want to use the projector in their home theater to see a documentary about marble inlay technique, they provide you the option.

Souvenirs near the Southern Gate in Agra

Taj Ganj is located just outside the southern gate. Here are the works-of-art created by marble artists on show. Marbles and semiprecious stones are used in a variety of products. A Taj Mahal miniature made of marble is a particularly popular memento. Plaques, vases, statues, and wall hangings are among the many options. Items made of marble can be quite expensive and delicate. Ask the seller to properly package it for you.

Sadar Bazaar

One of Agra’s busiest shopping districts, Sadar Bazaar, is located close to Agra Cantt Railway Station.  Don’t forget to purchase leather goods from Agra since it is known for producing them. Taj Leather World, a store in the marketplace, is decent and provides high-quality goods. If you wish to purchase footwear, accessories, and clothing of an ethnic kind, you must visit the Sadar Bazaar.


Visit UP Handlooms and UPICA on MG Road if you’re doing some street and neighborhood shopping and would like to treat yourself to some art and handicraft items. The Subhash Emporium, renowned for its marbles, is another option. The marbles at this shop are of the highest caliber, and the exquisite craftsmanship speaks volumes. What can you buy in Agra’s Subhash Emporium? Think about purchasing tabletops, base tables, trays, and candle holders.


These are the top 8 noteworthy Agra handicrafts and significant items you must purchase in Agra. To get all of these items, there is only one easy tip: go to the well-known markets in Agra. Nearly all of the items listed above may be purchased here. Sadar Bazaar, Munro Road, Kinari Bazaar, Raja Ki Mandi, and the Taj Mahal complex are some of Agra’s well-known markets. But always remember to bargain.

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