9 Essential India Travel Tips to Be a Smart Traveler

india travel tips

Namaste! Are you looking for some of the essential tips for traveling in India? Your search ends here.

There is no doubt that India is one of the most famed travel destinations, and tourists want to travel to this country at least once in their lifetime. Thanks to Indian culture and its diversity.

Also, the internet has diverse opinions around India travel tips, but we have only mentioned the points that will be as essential to you as your camera during a tour.

By the end of this little top India travel tips guide, you will have some RAW information that will guide you on your India trip.

Without any delay, let’s get straight into the list.


Clever India Travel Tips for Everyone

Here’s a quick overview of those 9 India travel tips that will make you a smart traveler:

  1. Get a Sim Card with Internet Connection
  2. Don’t Reveal Your Body Too Much
  3. Be Prepared for Scams
  4. Avoid Staring and Selfie Mobs
  5. Keep a Bottled Water & Diarrhea Medication
  6. Hold Your Ground
  7. Don’t Stay in Super Cheap Hotels
  8. Say Namaste
  9. Don’t Travel Alone

1. Get a Sim Card With Internet Connectivity

sim cards

In the 21st century, no one needs a tutorial on what connectivity is. We all are familiar with it, aren’t we?

The real India resides in its rural areas and villages and, more often than not, you will find these regions in the remotest part of India. 

So, to be in contact with your family and friends while you are enjoying the captivating culture is quite important.

And the other perks of having a travel sim card are that it is easier to use than the unstable Wi-fi connection and bulky gadgets, and you will be updated wherever you go.

2. Don’t Reveal Your Body Too Much (Especially Women)

Indian woman folding saree

Till now, we have talked about Indian culture twice. India is a developing country, but on the other hand, it is a bit conservative too.

And it is not that Indians are narrow-minded, but the culture is so rich that it does not expect someone to wear small clothes. So, it is advised to the tourists not to wear ones, otherwise, you will draw unwanted attention to yourself.

Women can wear the most comfortable and popular Indian women’s outfits: pajama & kurta.

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3. Scams (Even On The Name of God)

board saying scam alert

Well, India is the definition of diversity and is famous for it worldwide but is quite infamous for the scams and touts.

You could see the locals wrapping a string around your right hand or putting saffron or red dot on your forehead and then asking for money. It is just their way to make money from tourists.

If you feel saying no will be disrespectful to their religion, don’t take a second to do that. No religion pressurizes you to do anything, neither in India nor anywhere.

Other scams include, but are not limited to, beggars scams where they come to you and ask for milk, bread, or any edibles. And when you purchase the stuff, they later sell it because they don’t need it.

To be safe here in India, be prepared for scams.  

4. Avoid Staring And Selfie Mobs

a man staring at you

No, we are not going to discuss the types of clothes you should wear. Indian people do not only stare at you when you wear something unconventional but also when they see any foreigner.

Yes, tourists indeed visit India in a large number, but the residents of small cities and villages, usually, don’t get to see them. So, they stare at you and it is not malevolent. You can choose to let them do what they love to do.

But what you can do is deny their request for a selfie. A selfie or a photo is not a big deal, but what happens is that a photo with a local is a way to attract a crowd: other people will think about what’s going on there and they will also ask you for a photo with them. 

It can be hectic sometimes. So, just avoid it.

5. Have a Bottled Water & Diarrhea Medication

a water bottle

Indian food is popular worldwide and it is because of the spices used in it. The food can be spicy for you, and that’s the reason why many travelers complain of stomach aches and even diarrhea after eating street or any kind of food.

Once you are in India, you can’t avoid its street food. So, be responsible and eat in a way so that you don’t get sick.

You also get a different taste of water in whatever region you go, and maybe it will fit your system or not, so it is advised to have bottled water.

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6. Hold Your Ground – Everywhere & Every time

yes and no written on hands

Like everywhere in the world, strength respects strength here in India also.

Whenever you will be in a queue, you can find someone pushing you around and if you let them, you will get pushed to the back of the line.

How to handle this situation? Be assertive and just say no.

7. Don’t Stay in Super Cheap Hotels

brown-colored wall window and stairs

We love to travel and the fact is traveling costs money. To save a few bucks, many people choose to stay in cheap hotels without giving a thought to the services they will get later.

If you are choosing $10 or $20 hotels, what service do you expect from them? Generally, the staff here at these hotels are uneducated people that don’t even know how to behave.

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8. Say Namaste Instead of Hello

a girl standing in namaste posture

Namaste or Namskar, memorize either word and then say it to anyone in India while joining your hands in front of your chest. 

You will get the same response from the other side with a smile on their face. These words are not just dialects, but one of the ways to get connected with Indians is to be one of them.

9. Don’t Travel Alone

a guy sitting on a bench alone

If you are a first-time traveler in India, then it is for sure that you are inexperienced with its chaos and the culture shock it gives you.

Is it easy to travel to the world’s second most populous country? Definitely not.

What is the remedy then? Hire a guide. do not like this? Want to explore the country without any pre-charts? Then there is one thing you can do.

Remember, we have told you not to stay at super cheap hotels. Try to live in hostels. Here you will find like-minded tourists like you, who also want to travel without a guide. Easy, right? 

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