24 Things You Should Never Do in India

Things You Should Never Do in India

Prepare your body and mind for the mind-blowing experiences India can provide you with before you go on a vacation there. You won’t regret your decision, I can assure you, my friend. The foothills of the Himalayas might sooth you if you’re looking for mental tranquilly. Get ready to hear a tale about Indian architecture if you’re looking for a legacy. You will have a lot more fresh adventures in India than you had anticipated.

You should familiarise yourself with this place before setting off on your journey.

Things You Should Never Do in India: Big “NO’s

As you are all aware, India places a high value on its culture and customs. We may say that Indian society hasn’t really adapted to modern ways. That does not imply that India is still living in the dark ages. You will acquire a rough sense of how things work in India as you read this essay.

  1. Indian society is incredibly traditional. They place far too much emphasis on clothes. People do place a lot of value on one’s appearance. Make sure to dress appropriately when visiting places of worship. In such religious settings, short dresses are typically not permitted.
  2. Another significant issue is that wearing jeans is frequently prohibited inside of temples and other places of worship.
  3. Indian society is not particularly accepting of displays of affection. Therefore, couples should be careful not to display too much affection in public.
  4. Elders are treated with tremendous respect in Indian culture and tradition. So make sure you always treat seniors with respect.
  5. As you are all aware, the Indian road network is a convoluted network with numerous detours and side roads. Avoid taking side roads and make sure to use maps or location services if you are unsure about your path.
  6. Even if you don’t enjoy company, attempt to travel in a group while driving side roads or visiting dangerous locations, and avoid travelling at night.
  7. It is preferable for female travellers to avoid nighttime driving and side roads. As you are already aware, India has a rather high rate of crime against women.
  8. If you want to try Indian street food, not every establishment will take credit cards or internet payments. Therefore, it is best to carry some cash.
  9. In India, religious fraud is more prevalent. Keep in mind that not everything that glitters is gold.
  10. It is against the law to smoke or drink anywhere in public, especially in places of worship.
  11. In several northern Indian states, eating beef is forbidden since cows are revered in Hinduism. Therefore, avoid asking for beef, especially if you’re in a northern state.
  12. When entering a home and places of worship, refrain from wearing shoes. In Indian culture, it is often considered inappropriate to wear shoes within a person’s home.
  13. Avoid expressing your political and religious opinions in public.
  14. Pointing a finger at someone while attempting to take or give something with your right hand is impolite.
  15. Avoid making comments on caste, race, or class.
  16. In India, “Namaste” is more frequently used than handshakes, especially while visiting rural areas.
  17. People of other religions are often prohibited from entering certain religious organisations. Therefore, check for such items in advance.
  18. In general, wearing black at temples and festivals is frowned upon since, according to Hindu mythology, the colour black represents evil.
  19. Never use your feet to touch anything, especially food and books. You should apologise right away if you unintentionally touch something with your feet.
  20. Don’t belittle India’s rural residents.
  21. Only men are permitted in some locations, and vice versa. Avoid arguing and getting into problems as a result. You can’t expect your words to instantly transform them.
  22. India contains over a hundred different languages. Therefore, don’t assume that everyone speaks English, and don’t belittle people who don’t.
  23. When compared to other nations, Indian traditions and customs are distinctive. So even though they are unfamiliar to you, don’t belittle them.
  24. India has various hotspots and wildlife sanctuaries, and it has a diverse ecosystem. Animals and birds should not be harmed while you are there. Use non-plastic things instead.

If you pay little attention to these particulars, you will undoubtedly get a new experience of India, complete with all of its diversity. You’ll get the meaning behind the saying “Unity in Diversity.” Because to comprehend that, you must set aside any misconceptions you may have about India. By doing that, you can interact with the natural world around you. You can take pleasure in this country’s spiritual happiness. When we accept the natural world around us, our body and mind become one, but this condition of joy is not universal. Discover this enigmatic place, then, and enter that realm of sublime happiness.

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