Chandni Chowk Food Walk Tour With Local Guide

Your only reason to visit India is our food, We will be sharing the dishes that represent India and that you can't miss while you are travelling to these cities. First thing in our list is Jalebi, a lip smacking dessert that you cant miss. Start off with one of the oldest eateries in Delhi. This 100-year-old shop is known for serving giant, hot and juicy Jalebis. Price: Rs 500 per kg Where: 795, Dariba Kalan Road, Dariba Corner, Opposite to Central Baptist Church, Chandni chowk Timings: 8 am to 10 pm

Chandani Chowk, the beating heart of Delhi, a bustling market that reflects India’s rich history and vibrant culture. Imagine taking a step in this enticing market to witness the past and present royal culinary practices intertwine into an irresistible symphony of flavors.

From sizzling spice chaat to the sweetest desert, every cobblestone here narrates the story of India’s traditions.

So, hold your breath as we offer you a Chandni Chowk food walk tour to take you through the tantalizing street food treats and mouthful flavors of Odessey, granting you the peak of Delhi’s


Historical culture of Chandni Chowk 

So, before getting ourselves the grandest treat of India’s culinary vibrancy, let’s take a moment to indulge and appreciate the rich history of Delhi’s heart – Chandni Chowk. The name “Chandni Chowk” translates as “Moonlight Square “which refers to the exquisite grandeur of moonlit that once brightened up this exceptionally historic place.

If we talk strategically, this iconic market of Delhi takes back to the reign of the Mughals when it has been served as an enriched, bustling bazaar (Market). The market dates back to a massive collection of grand processions and royal gatherings that can be speculated with the Chandni Chowk heritage walk.

Tracing to the present, the market still holds the cultural essence of bygone eras hidden all within narrow lanes and landmarks. 

Let’s get started on the Chandni Chowk Food Walk (Preparation)

Now, before we get into the big exploration of Chandni Chowk’s culinary wonders, there are some preparations you might like to keep in mind to make sure you get a delightful and tasty experience in your comfort. 

Comfortable wearing– While wandering through the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk, comfort should be your top priority. So always go for comfortable attire as well as walking shoes to keep your feet happy. 

Timing– If you want to witness the true essence of the market, you need to pick up your ideal timing. The best time to start your food adventure is in the late afternoon when the place literally comes alive. 

Safety– Make sure you are carrying a pack of hand sanitizer and towels before diving into the street food 

Hydration-Exploring Street of Chandni Chowk is going to be a thrilling, long adventure, so make sure you carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated.  

Cash on hand– It is utterly crucial to keep some cash with you because street shops and eateries might not accept cards or any online payments.

Tip- In order to indulge in every culinary practice and savor every bite; Make sure you arrive in the market with an empty stomach 

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First Stop- The Iconic Parantha Wali Gali 

So the palatable Chandni Chowk treat begins with the legendary Parantha Wali Gali, the iconic place where the aroma of hot sizzling paranthas reigns the air; A world where stuffed paranthas reign supreme.

With the expansive variation, from aloo (Potato) and gobhi (Cauliflower) to all the sweet delights, this place has all to satisfy your taste buds. Not only it but the rich history and mouthful culture of this place have been serving exquisite delicacies for generation of generations. 

The other Must-Try delicacies 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy your moment by engaging in the sweetest and spiciest culinary treat.

Moving from the Parantha Wali Gali, it is time to discover hidden delicacies and unique dishes that run throughout this market, reflecting the irresistibility of the best Indian Foods.

Kebabs at Karim’s

As you dive in, the mouthful symphony of sizzling kebabs begins; you wrap around your nostril, which signifies that you are somewhere near the legendary Karim’s kebabs.

The place serves the finest and melt-in-the-mouth Mughlai cuisine, “kebab” from 1913. It’s a must-try spot for every non-veg lover. 

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Daulat ki chaat

Let’s not forget to experience the exquisite and ethereal taste of Daulat ki chaat. A rare and quiet exclusive dish that is often referred to as “Heirloom yogurt,” it is composed of churned milk and the froth that forms onto and is layered with sugar, saffron, and milk solid to practically leave a heavenly taste on your tongue. 

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Street Snacks

The place is literally designed for a keen foodie, which makes it a delightful haven for street snacks that roll as a testament to India’s street food culture.

So make sure you enjoy every moment by collecting street snack treats. With the Delhi Street food tour, you can try Golgappas(A crispy hollow shape filled with flavorful fillings), Aloo Tikki( Potato patties with spices crispy on the outside and soft inside), or Chole Bhature( An iconic, delicious chickpea curry (chole) served with deep fried bread( Bhature).

Tip- Do not forget to engage with locals and fellow food enthusiasts because they can recommend you some hidden culinary gems that might not be in any book.

Exploring the vibrant spice market 

 India has its own irresistible charm when it comes to spices and flavors. It would be your chance to explore the nearby spice market and experience their mouth fullness.

Let the luscious fragrance of species, herbs, and dried fruits take you to a whole new world of tasty cuisine possibilities. Take souvenirs of some finest spices to compliment your kitchens. 

The final bite- the sweetest desert 

And end your journey with the final and sweetest bite; walk into the sweet symphony of exceptional desserts. Chandni Chowk offers a wide range of sweetened and pleasing desserts, From saccharine Rabri and syrupy Jalebi to delightful falooda.

Rush over to get your dose of sweetness and bask in its afterglow. 

Tip- Apart from the delicious adventure, you can also take a moment to explore local artistry and handicraft shops that surround all over Chandni Chowk. Witness India’s finest craftsmanship at its best. Take the perfect private old Delhi Walking tour and witness the capital of India like never before.

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In final words, it’s the final call to all the foodies out there; Treat your tastebuds to a gastronomic adventure that lingers in your memories for a long time, and embark on a tantalizing Delhi Food Tour.

We invite you to come and take the immersion directly into the heart and soul of Delhi, a place where history, culinary culture, and flavors come together to create an unforgettable experience. 

So, grab your foodie spirit, walking shoes, and an empty stomach as we are about to take off on an epic journey through Delhi’s vibrant flavors with the ultimate Chandni Chowk food walk tour.

The biggest mouthful treats of Chandni chowk awaits!

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